Oss tre i mellom

About me.
I live in Sandefjord, Norway and work as a teacher, with courses in Norwegian for Foreigners. I am 60 years old, have a daughter (30) and a husband. Our son died 8 years ago, then 28 years old.
I like photography, the prosses with editing afterwards, traveling and philosophy, as you can see in the pictire above, I think. It is me looking into a window in the Opera in Oslo (and Socrate and Aristote :)).

The Weekend in Black and White

9 kommentarer:

  1. De kjeppes om deg som i midten står kan du vel se :-) arti bilde.

    Ellers drømmer jeg meg virkelig bort i blomsterbildene dine, de er så vakre alle sammen at en kan ikke få sett nok faktisk :-) mye bedre enn de fineste macro, synes nå jeg da!

  2. tres jolie photo et le noir et blanc est tres adapte,bravo !

  3. Socrate and Aristote in a display... What a philosophic reflection !

  4. I like the composition and reflection.

  5. really thats 3 faces; have a good Saturday

    much love...

  6. See! This is what I meant ;) Never red your story before even though I visit you weekly! ♡ Thanks for sharing.

  7. Ein sehr aussagekräftiges, schönes Bild.
    Gefällt mir sehr gut.
    Lieben Gruß aus Deutschland,
    von Jutta,
    die auch bei dieser Foto-Challenge mitgemacht hat.

  8. Greetings! I'm visiting by way of Mona's linky party, About Me & About You. I enjoyed reading a little about you. Life presents many challenges, and I am sad that you have the experience of losing a son. We have had struggles . . . and loss is one of them. I adore your self-portrait! I am in my 50s and so enjoying this time of life with a big creative growth spurt. I'll stop by for a visit again soon!